Opening in October 2022, The Guild is an 18,000 square foot space that will house 5 unique dining experiences. The culinary journey will start with The Avenue where guests will be able to grab coffee, lunch, bar snacks or even indulge in champagne tasting at the bar. 

Next comes The Potting Shed, a green house-esque intimate space filled with greenery and foliage.

The third experience is The Rock Pool, where they will serve live king crab, lobster, sea urchin and oysters – truly nothing like it in the world.

As the night draws on, guests will progress into The Salon where The Guild’s main dining area will reside – three open kitchens with chefs preparing an abundance of fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Finally, hidden away behind The Salon will be The Club – a one-of-a-kind nightlife experience with a piano bar and lounge spaces. The Guild will provide an experience for its guests that will last the whole night.