Welcome to The Park: a three-level concept dining destination, in the heart of JLT. 

Pioneering EatX’s ahead-of-the-trends’ ethos, The Park is a place where sophistication blends with effortless charm. Built over three levels, The Park JLT showcases multiple exciting and lively dining concepts reflecting the energy of the space as well as its surroundings.

Upon entrance, a family friendly casual dining experience awaits. Sitting alongside the greenery of the park, guests enjoy freshly baked croissants, energizing smoothies, specialty coffee and a  high end grocery with larder filled with produce that speaks for itself. 

Venture upstairs to discover the vibrant Hawker Halls of Southeast Asia and take your seat in the restaurant, with an intriguing array of specialty wine and beer. Soak up the bustling energy while sampling the innovative, charcoal-focused menu which includes peking duck, wok-fired seafood, Asian BBQ and yum cha. 

Lastly, make your way up to the chic, buzzing rooftop bar. Sit back and revel in expansive views across JLT while enjoying an aperitivo spritz and a plate of antipasti or wood fired pizza – a perfect expressive experience of contemporary Italian cuisine. 

The Park promises an occasion for all and an experience to share. Coming soon in 2022.