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A sourdough bakery. A gourmet café. A specialty coffee roastery. Located at Sheraton Grand Sheikh Zayed Road, The Sum of Us is wholesome, honest and dedicated to producing the finest offerings using the truest of raw ingredients. We make everything from scratch, our bakers rise early every morning to bake our sourdough breads, cakes and pastries.

We source our green coffee beans ethically from organic growers from coffee regions around the globe. We work with as many local suppliers as possible for our fresh produce, and partner with local farms to help nurture the local horticultural ecosystem. The Sum of Us Café Menu is dynamic and creative.

Our chefs are excited by fresh, vibrant flavors and textures, and we aim to delight our diners with unique and thoughtful dishes. Enjoy moments of nostalgia, with the smell of baking bread from the Rise&Dawn Bakehouse. Experience complimentary coffee tastings with our talented baristas within the roastery, and always feel free to ask questions about our products and process, as we are passionate to give you the answers about the things we love. 

You are The Sum of Us.